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May 9th, 2020

[Lawn Treatment]

Because grass mowing season is near, our neighborhood lawns have decided to make a very specific demand. They claim they won't cooperate with summer unless given special treatment first!

Since our lawns have us over a barrel on this one, our people at Mark's Lawn Service will take the lead and oblige these leverage wielding crowds of skinny chlorophyll strands before they become unruly.

Below is direct information from Mark's Lawn Service on how they will proceed... and how we residents can be of assistance.

We plan to spray our 1st herbicide application this month and should have all accounts done by the end of the month weather permitting. Please see attached pic. This is our herbicide marking flag that we will post the day we come to spray. I want homeowners aware of this and when they see this flag at the entrances to their property this means we sprayed that day. It's best to stay off the lawn until completely dry and if homeowners have any concerns they can stay off for 24 hours. Flags can be removed the next day or we will plan to grab them the next time we are onsite mowing. If you need a day's notice as to when we plan to come I will do my best to let you know. It's tough because we spray what we can when we can around the weather and it's very difficult to set an exact schedule.

We plan to start mowing accounts next week.

Please remember if you have any questions or concerns I really appreciate you communicating with me so that I can help you right away. I appreciate everything and just know I'm here to help in any way I can.


Sometimes it's just better to keep the peace.

April 22nd, 2020

[Crabapple Trees]

As many know, we have an array of crabapple trees that reside amongst us. What many may not know is that these valued friends periodically need an appointment with a therapist. Yes, even the best amongst us need help sometimes.

Our bipolar crabapple friends will fragrantly flower us with their good side, only to shortly thereafter, throw a tantrum and toss their pedals all over our windshields and driveways. They love taking advantage of our neighborhood's good natured residents by demanding our enabling attention.

In addition to their psychological issues, our crabapple trees can also be susceptible to certain physical ailments. As a result, it’s been determined it’s time stage an intervention.

Local tree therapist “Birch Tree Care” will facilitate this intervention and treatment regimen on Thursday, April 23rd, weather permitting. “Birch Tree Care” has submitted the following request to ensure their short, yet important, crabapple tree therapy session is a success.

Please make sure that all windows and doors are closed and pet’s stay inside for an hour after application to allow the substances to dry on the day of service.

Yes, with a little help, we can keep our crabapple friends lives on the straight and narrow. Future crabapple group therapy is still TBD.

April 13th, 2020

[Water Shut Off Building 13400]

Short Notice Alert:

We've been informed there needs to be a brief water shut off Monday, mid morning, about 9:15 am (Apr 13th 2020) affecting building 13400. This shut off is expected to last at least one hour.

March 9th, 2020

[Here Comes Spring]

With a high risk of jinxing, dare we say we've almost made it! On one hand, we still must elapse our timelines through the state High School basketball tournaments. Us Minnesotans are fully aware of the snowy wrath often bestowed upon us, in soul crushing fashion, during such tournaments. However, on the flip side, spring training is fully underway! Granted, the exhibition games are played in Fort Myers Florida, but, we now have full liberty to legitimately use the word “spring.”

We are also gearing up for those annual summer projects. We have settled upon a group of professionals to come in and complete an in-depth reserve study for our neighborhood. The goal is to get a professional assessment of our neighborhood's long-term needs. This will ensure we stay ahead of the curve, thus, keeping our neighborhood top notch as far as the eye can see.

Lastly, just think, not long until you hear the roar of lawn mowers, especially on the day you wanted to sleep in.

November 26th, 2019

[2020 Annual Budget]

As we prepare our physiology for an oncoming caloric onslaught, we also prepare ourselves for a likely... we'll just say... "travel enhancing weather condition." We shall soon bask in a wake of snow and leftovers!

It's also time for our association to prepare for the next year. As fellow Lake Camelot Villas residents and board members, we held our annual battle tradition, more commonly known as, “the budget meeting.”

This particular meeting is traditionally the longest and bloodiest of them all. Much debate and diverging points of view are forced to the surface due to the grand difficulties of future prognostication. As fellow residents and neighbors, we board members have the same incentive as all residents to control costs, while maintaining the best possible neighborhood. After a long sequence of push and pull calibration involving numbers, papers and charts, the dust settled upon $220 for 2020 dues.

2019 was marked with some nice savings, in addition to some unexpected expenses. The excess roof/gutter snow and ice removal from last winter's pounding was a large, yet necessary expense. We found it paramount to avoid major ice dam damage that was probable, if left unchecked. In addition, there was a major plumbing expense for one of the buildings within the complex during the summer.

Even though 2019 was marked with a few unexpected large expenses, we were pleased to sign Mark's Lawn Service to a two-year contract extension. Feedback has confirmed a much better level of service compared to our previous landscapers. Now let's hope Mark's Lawn Service doesn't pull a hamstring!

Lastly, be on the lookout for some new parking information. Brad Catton, our property manager, is gathering further information on the subject. He will soon send out an annual budget letter to all residents. He will also include further details about the upcoming budget.

So, as us board members start physical therapy following our annual budget meeting, we wish all a fantastic homestretch of 2019!

October 2nd, 2019

[2019 Annual Meeting]

Most have already seen the snail-mail version of the information below. But, for those of us who give our mailbox emotional neglect, here is information from Brad at Homefront Management that may still be sitting inside the solitary confines of our mailbox.

The annual meeting of members for the Lake Camelot Villas homeowners association will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday October 14th, 2019 at the Maple Grove Community Center, banquet room west, located at 12915 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove. Registration will begin at 6:45 p.m.

The purpose of the meeting is to satisfy the requirements of your association's bylaws and to elect homeowners to the board of directors. This year we have three terms that are expiring. If there are homeowners interested in serving on the board, please complete the enclosed application for nomination and return it to Homefront Management, PO Box 377, Elk River, MN 55330 prior to October 11th.

As a member of the board of directors, you will be actively involved in managing the property affairs and business of the association. Please understand that this is a voluntary position and it will require a commitment of your personal time for board meetings and other association matters. The length of the service on the board, if elected, will be for a 2 year term.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to vote by proxy ballot, complete the enclosed proxy ballot and return it to the Homefront Management address prior to the October 14th, 2019 annual meeting in order for it to be counted.

Also enclosed is an agenda for the meeting in the annual report for the association. We would appreciate all members of the association make an attempt to attend. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 763-241-0838. You can also contact us via the association's email at

Bradly J. Catton
Homefront Management

Hope to see you there!

August 1st, 2019

[Garbage Pickup]

Just as we begin to feel an on-set of abandonment issues, word has it our garbage pickup will happen today (Thursday)… or at latest Friday.

Although the origins of this week's delay are unclear, at least we know we are still loved.

July 29th, 2019

[New Shrubs And Grass]

Hopefully it's been a productive and fun summer season for all! It's a wonderful opportunity to play outdoors, complete long procrastinated projects and visit with friends before returning home at 6 a.m. when originally intending to be home by 1:30 a.m. Yes, nothing like seeing the beautiful sunrise just before arriving home to grab that bottle of Excedrin.

It's also a time to begin replacing some shrubs and grass in the neighborhood. Marks Lawn Service will begin this process starting Tuesday the 30th of July.

Mark's will leave a note posted at homes where work will be done. But, in the end we still may need a bit of your help.

It's possible our sprinklers may not sufficiently reach some of the new shrubs and sod. I'm sure they will become your longtime friend if you're able to occasionally provide them with a tasty cocktail of dihydrogen monoxide... better known as H2O. (“water” for those new to chemistry.)

Don't worry, the new shrubs and sod aren't asking for much other than just a little TLC. It could go a long way!

June 14th, 2019



UPDATE: Weather permitting, pruning will be Friday, July 19th. You can still add a red ribbon or yarn if you don't want a certain shrub pruned.


Pruning season is coming! Mark's Lawn Service will begin pruning shrubs starting the week of July 4th. This is expected to continue through the end of August.

If you have specific shrubs you do not want pruned, please clearly mark them with red ribbon or yarn no later than June 28th. Also, keep them marked until the completion of August.

"Tie A Y̶e̶l̶l̶o̶w̶  [Red] Ribbon 'Round The Ole O̶a̶k̶ ̶T̶r̶e̶e̶  [Shrub]." Hmmm... a potential new song perhaps?


June 10th, 2019

[Summer Projects 2019]

With the green reflections of chlorophyll replacing the monochrome reflections of snow and ice, our annual spring neighborhood walk through has become a reality. Summer projects have been listed, compiled and prioritized. Soon will be a neighborhood not only buzzing with summer creatures of the air, but also vendors and contractors.

The two main areas of focus will be landscaping and concrete work. The specific timing of each is being set up as we speak. In addition, we also plan to move forward with our neighborhood future reserve study. Keeping our future association solvent depends on us staying ahead of the game today.

In the meantime, soak up the season and soak up the rays. By the time we’re watching the Twins in the playoffs, the heavy lifting of these summer projects should be complete.

April 9th, 2019

[Possible Snow]

Alert! The following message was intercepted from one of those slow, loud dot matrix printers...

Intelligence reports have detected a possible developing alliance between old man winter and mother nature. The nature of this alliance is likely a counter to our association's seasonal snow ban. Defense forces at Mark's Lawn Service have been put on high alert and are ready to defend.

Further intelligence reveals the strategic timing of this adversarial alliance was designed to catch Mark's Lawn Service in spring prep transition. As a result, Mark's Lawn Service is frantically shifting back to winter defense mode, but they are slightly hampered with limited staffing. They have informed our association they are committed to a full winter defense. However, some snow cleanup may be on a more rudimentary level than normal. They kindly request some patience and understanding during the possible upcoming battle.

Old man winter is weak and unpredictable. This threat may not amount to much, or, it may be a formidable final blow. Time will tell. Either way, we shall prevail.


March 29th, 2019

[Summer Employment Opportunities]

We made it! Let's put our hands in the air for everyone who survived winter! Why so confident? Because our association has officially banned snowfall for the rest of the season. Now let's see if Mother Nature abides.

So, as we cheer the Twins kicking off their 162-0 season, we also present an opportunity for summer employment through our partners at Mark's Lawn Service. If you are interested, or know anyone who may be, please refer to the below graphic from Mark's Lawn Service. They will be holding an employment open house on Wednesday, April 10th. Check it out!

February 12th, 2019

[More Shoveling]

Just a quick blurb... Word has it shoveling should be completed by noon tomorrow.

Now if the snow would at least pause for a bit!

February 5th, 2019

[Possible Delays]

So how did everyone's impromptu skating lessons go yesterday? Were they as fun as your bobsled commute? Hopefully we all spun to our destinations in one piece.

Looks like old man winter has more to say to us. As a result, we've been informed that garbage pickup will most likely be delayed until Thursday. In addition, shoveling may be delayed until the end of the second snow wave. However, plowing should proceed as normal.

At least the Super Bowl is over. Now it's time for spring training to enter the on deck circle!

January 28th, 2019

[Heads Up: Frigid Shoveling]

The snow has fallen. Our neighborhood streets and driveways have been plowed. Now we begin the pleasures of a backside arctic air mass.

As a result, there is a good chance shoveling will be delayed due to limited exposure times of the shoveling crew.

Hey, at least the sun is setting a little later each day!

January 26th, 2019

[Holiday Lights]

Welcome to the deepest part of our beloved winters. A time when recent holiday cheer slowly succumbs to the memory fading effects of "past-itis," a time to perfect those speed-walking skills during trips to the mailbox, a time to pause on the Golf Channel and live vicariously through spectators enjoying their bird chirping sunshine. Yes, we have arrived!

It's also a time to prepare the retirement of our illuminated holiday light decor. As a friendly reminder, going forward starting February 1st, our outdoor holiday decorations need to remain turned off. However, they can remain in place until April 1st.

So, In the meantime, let's enjoy this week's “refreshing gift” from our northern friends. Feel free to reciprocate said gift with your own gesture of choice.

December 28th, 2018

[Salt Sand Mix]

Go ahead, admit it. You've had way too many cookies and candy canes over the last several days. It's okay though. It's that time of year to accept our increased levels of insulin resistance.

Another thing we have learned to accept is Mother Nature's chronic indecisiveness. Her fickle disposition leads us to ask, "is it going to rain or snow today?"

Well, In this case, we got both!

Add a menacing splash of Canadian air on the approach, and we're soon to be acquainted with some fresh new mini ice rinks.

For those skaters of Olympic caliber, no problem, a simple twizzle and Lutz jump to the mailbox should be a piece of cake. For the rest of us gravity bound folk, feel free to use the salt sand mix located in the barrels around the neighborhood. Simply take some, locate your most concerning spots, pretend it's a large plate of french fries, and sprinkle!

So walk carefully and enjoy the last of those cookies! The calendar is soon to change. It’s almost time to get back to the gym to burn off the extra "eggnog." But, for now, we simply leave you with a hearty "Happy New Year!"

November 30th, 2018

[Proposed City Project]

As we prepare to enjoy the final month of the year, a brand spanking new project has jumped to our neighborhood’s attention.

Sunday and/or Monday, all residence will receive a synopsis of a project proposal submitted to the city of Maple Grove. This synopsis will layout the project details in addition to potential action items.

This proposed project is of particular interest to our neighborhood. So, with that in mind, please keep an eye out for this synopsis sheet. A group of our fellow neighbors will be distributing this information. So, if you hear a knock at your door, no worries, no one is selling anything other than neighborly charm and important information.

November 15th, 2018

[2019 Budget]

Here we are, the clocks have been set back, the leaves have fallen and those thick jackets now hang on more accessible hooks. Soon, those clippers will make their seasonal appearances, complete with temperature readings proceeded by that lovely sideways dash. Bottom line, it all means one thing…

Time to hire someone to go to my mailbox for me.

For us members of the Board, it also means time to finalize plans for 2019. As a result, this year’s final meeting was the longest by far. To put in perspective, imagine an episode of Game of Thrones combined with Stanley Kubrick like camera work. There were many important things to discuss around a table with folks who all have our neighborhood’s best interest at heart. Both short and long term plans had to be taken into account. Keeping Lake Camelot Villas a top notch neighborhood will always be a priority.

To begin, we officially hired a new landscaping / snow removal company. We welcome Mark's Lawn Service Inc. as our new partner! Over the last couple of years, we have received numerous understandable concerns from home owners about our previous landscaping / snow removal company. It was becoming obvious the quality of service had been rapidly declining. As a result, we began a diligent search for a replacement. After many interviews, bids and research, we decided upon Mark’s Lawn Service Inc. We are looking forward to a fantastic partnership with them!

As a side note, for those interested in earning some extra money, Mark's Lawn Service is interested in crowd sourcing from local homeowners to be part of the on-site shoveling crew. If you're interested, click here.

Finally, the Board meeting led into a long discussion about 2019 budgetary items. The spreadsheets, integer saturated papers and pen marked documents were a sight to behold.

Not only as board members, but also as fellow residents and neighbors, we are firmly entrenched with you in the desire to maintain our neighborhood’s short and long-term success while remaining as economically efficient as possible. This resulted in a robust discussion with differing schools of thought on how to proceed.

2018 was yet another year we kept spending from going over budget. This was critical to the health of our future capital reserve fund. Definitely positive news!

Back in 2014, Lake Camelot Villas hired an outside party for an in-depth future assessment of our capital reserve fund. Simply put, they detailed projected costs, in conjunction with the projected year in which these future repairs and replacements will need to be addressed.

At that time, our neighborhood was projected to hit a critical point around 2032 or so. In other words, a time when some major, big ticket upkeep should be expected. This, in addition to the ongoing upkeep any neighborhood should expect between now and then, is something we will always need to keep in focus.

As that future relentlessly creeps closer, the importance of preparing now is paramount. Therefore, as a prudent measure, we plan on an independent assessment again in 2019 to see if anything has changed on future projections. Our goal is to stay ahead of the game. Our neighbors from 2033 are depending on us!

When the dust settled, it was decided our monthly dues for 2019 need to be $215. Admittedly, it's more than we wanted, but in the end, the numbers couldn't be calibrated any lower.

$10 of the $15 bump is directly from the hire of our new landscaping company. We had no choice but to pay to improve upon our previous landscaping service.

The remaining $5 accounts for the frustrating increase in our neighborhoods hazard insurance premiums, in addition to the continued funding of our future capital reserve fund. As an aside, through reconnaissance of comparable neighborhoods within Plymouth, our monthly dues traditionally hover on the lower end of the norm. For that, we can thank the Boards of years gone by along with Brad from HomeFront Management.

Here at Lake Camelot Villas, we continue striving for sound decisions in the present so we can enjoy our great neighborhood today, tomorrow and beyond.

Finally, as always, best wishes for the season!... and to think we’re only a mere 200 days or so away from 80 degrees again! We’ll just call it summer’s short 6 month “operational pause.”

October 5th, 2018

[2018 Annual Meeting]

Just a quick reminder. Our Lake Camelot Villas annual homeowners meeting is this upcoming Monday evening, October 8th at 7:00pm. It will be held the Maple Grove Community Center, Banquet Room East [see map].

Everyone is encouraged to attend! We will discuss the past year and the plans for the upcoming year.

See ya then!

September 21st, 2018

[Tree Trimming]

Saturday evening, September 22nd, 8:54 p.m., the autumnal equinox graces us with its presence. The times of Space Needle rides, Grandstand browsing and, most importantly, visits to the Pronto-Pup stand have come and gone. Yes, fall is upon us.

Normally, we let Mother Nature slowly goad the leaves to transport from branch to ground. This allows her to somehow find a way to pile 90 percent of them into my garage.

However, some of the leaves’ autumnal journey has been expedited via branch and gravity. You may have noticed some trees were trimmed resulting in higher canopies.

These selected trees were trying to hog space above driveways, roofs and photon starved grass underneath. With the hot season over, it's time for those areas of grass to begin their return.

So until the snow falls, enjoy your cinnamon, cider and pumpkin spice. We'll talk about eggnog later!

August 1st, 2018

[Summer Projects Updates]

What!? It's August already!? Whoa! If only we could find a way to transpose time's elapsation rate from winter to summer... and vise versa, summers would seem endless! Instead, dare I say, it'll soon be State Fair Time.

...suddenly, I want a pronto-pup...

Anyway, advanced studies in fluid dynamics, (better known as summer project scheduling), have yielded new details. This Thursday and Friday, door postings will be placed notifying homes slated for driveway replacement. If your driveway was signed by some mysterious individual named "Locate", you should be one of the notice recipients.

Next Monday will be driveway tearing. Next Tuesday will be new asphalt and road repairs. In addition, and for an added bonus, more shrub replacement next week should complete the soothing feel of pandemonium.

Summer, ain't it grand... :)

July 14th, 2018

[Start Of Summer Projects]

As we bask in our high dew point, air conditioner hummed neighborhood, we can count on one thing with abundant certainty. It's summer project time! So grab a tasty beverage, sit back and prepare for some upcoming excitement.

For simplicity sake, we will directly quote the asphalt and concrete crew.

    We have scheduled to complete the following work, weather permitting:

  • Concrete Apron Replacements – Monday, July 23rd
  • Asphalt Removal/Pave Driveways – Monday, August 6th and Tuesday, August 7th
  • Asphalt Dig Out Patching/Profile Mill & Overlay of Streets – Tuesday, August 7th
  • We will post notices for the stages of work.

Additionally, on July 23rd, the landscape crew will begin replacing damaged shrubs and installing new "test market" shrub arrangements at select homes. Please help by clearing those areas of flower pots and other personal property.

So enjoy your newly acquired tasty beverage, complete with fresh ice and decorative mini-umbrella. The summer project fun shall soon commence.

July 5th, 2018

[Lake Camelot Villas 2018 Summer Newsletter]

Hello Lake Camelot Villas!

Us board members (and fellow neighbors), along with HomeFront management, our property management team, say welcome to another wonderful summer season! Hopefully, you all enjoyed that lengthy 34 second spring this year. Here is to a successful and prosperous summer 2018.

Before we dive into today’s topics, please plan a visit to our website Feel free to use as a resource and point of contact. Also, note that when the main website photo was snapped, I, your humble webmaster, nearly fell in the pond. Gotta love those damp grass foot squibs!

To kick things off, let’s first cover “Shrub Happenings.”

There has been much discussion about needed shrub replacement work. Finalizing such a plan can be tricky due to the subjective nature of aesthetics. Therefore, a test shrub replacement plan will commence on a few homes before any wholesale changes are made. Homes 39, 87, 88, 117, 147 and 148 will be the initial “guinea pigs” with the new shrub designs. Once these new designs have been installed and observed, all feedback is welcome!

Sprinkler Sustainment:

Our sprinkler system has been, and will continue to be, an ongoing project of upkeep. Please inform us of any malfunctions you spot. Every once in a while, one suddenly thinks it's a big drinking fountain. In addition, we don't want any passers-by to say, "Hey... is that a new water park?"

Continuing on this life-giving liquidus substance we know as water, please help curtail as much redundant water usage as possible. Overall, water is one of our association's larger expense items. Checking for dripping faucets or constantly running toilets would definitely be appreciated. Every little bit of savings helps! We’ve received notices from the City of Plymouth that we may have some leaks. Their “smart” meters are detecting constant usage at some buildings, so please repair any malfunctioning leaky faucets or toilets.

Pavement Pandemonium:

Although final details are still scant, some road sections will be paved and some driveways will be replaced within the complex. Stay tuned as further details are in final preparation.

Rental Renderings:

As many of you know, Lake Camelot Villas has a 25% limit on allowable rentals within the neighborhood. This equates to a maximum allowable 39 homes. Currently, there are 37 rentals. At the time of the rental amendment passage in 2016, there were over 50 rentals. Currently, one owner is on the waiting list for the remaining two open spots.

Apropos Appeal:

Lastly, let's gather around with bated anticipation to discuss our absolute favorite set of subjects. Garbage bins and doggy doo!

Please remember to bring in your garbage and recycling bins. As much as rubbish trucks enjoy our amazing neighborhood, leaving bins out beyond pick-up day will not bring the trucks back. We just have to accept the fact that it will be one full week before we get to hear those soothing, chalk board like, squeak brakes every 20 feet.

As for our little friend’s doggy doo, those ignored piles of former doggy treats have been found unconducive to an overall stellar neighborhood. So, in summary, please, please, please pick up after your little friend.

Finally, some summer projects that didn’t make the cut:

  1. New signs near the entrance stating, “No wasp nests, hornets or mosquitoes allowed!” Apparently they wouldn’t listen. It's almost as if they don't know how to read! Sheesh!

  2. Adding to our big front entrance sign, "Home of the Fantastic and Totally Amazing!" But we didn't want the surrounding neighborhoods pouting in a corner, clutching their mere “participation trophies.” It's okay though, they already know they can't complete.

So, in closing, we would like to say to all here at Lake Camelot Villas, cheers to a wonderful and enjoyable summer!

June 8th, 2018

[Lawn Repairs]

Lately, you may have noticed some select yards roped off with strategic parameters. As a result, rumor has it, some homeowners have now implemented a cover charge for their guests. Unfortunately, these roped areas do not demark some new VIP status. Here at Lake Camelot Villas, EVERYONE is a VIP.

In reality, these are some areas marked for lawn repairs, primarily from pet damage.

Once these areas are fixed, the sprinkler system will be set to double time. This will help insure those thirsty new sod segments receive their necessary, life sustaining, beverage of choice.

As time passes, if you still see what appears to be a beverage deficient sodded area, feel free to douse said area with your hose.

... and if your neighbor still tries to charge cover without one of those cool hand ink stamps. Maybe douse them too.

June 2nd, 2018

[Hwy 55 Project]

Greetings on this wet Saturday! Don't worry, those are weed whackers and leaf blowers you've been hearing today, not approaching waves of newly hatched mosquitoes.

For those interested, You’re invited to join MnDOT, the contractor and others at the 2018 Hwy 55 project open house Thursday, June 7, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Rockford Park Shelter, 8220 Elm Street in Rockford.

Here is a link with further information.

For those whose urban stealthy escape route involves a westward path via hwy 55. You may want to check this out.

May 22nd, 2018

[Lawn Cutting]

Thanks to Earth's persistent adherence to physics, we have finally traversed to where our beloved G2V-type sun can rain down life giving photon showers in abundance! Thus, the streak of "Plowing Posts" has finally come to an end. Let the warm season begin!

Weed treatment has already commenced and Thursday is slated to be our first lawn cutting. In addition, our spring walk through is planned for the end of this week. As a result, further summer projects will be ascertained.

Earth is always on the move. We will eventually return to our Sun's "back-side." But for now, it's time to enjoy those outside summer activities!

April 16th, 2018

[Yet More Plowing]

After a neighborhood drive through, we found unfinished business with shoveling and driveway plowing. We are currently in the process of calling back the snow removal crew to finish up asap. We'll send out an email when we get a more specific time frame. Stay tuned...

Word is the crew will be coming back tonight to finish the job. Hopefully this was the last big snow of the season. Mother Nature is now on probation!

April 14th, 2018

[April Showers]

For normal folk, the saying traditionally goes "April Showers Bring May Flowers!" A light and fluffy natured quote to lift the spirits on those rainy April days. However, if one adds a simple sub-atomic word particle to an "April Showers" molecule, a completely different compound emerges.

To illustrate, if we take our favorite "April Showers" quote and add a simple ["Minnesota Style"] to the mix, we get a much more recognizable molecular word compound. A word compound that manifests most recognizably as a new and more pertinent saying.

April Showers [Minnesota Style]... B̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶M̶a̶y̶ ̶F̶l̶o̶w̶e̶r̶s̶  May Bring Plowers!

Yes, the normally inert [Minnesota Style] can drastically change many compounds. Simply fascinating!

Another timely example from this evening...

A nice neighborhood meet and greet [Minnesota Style] = helping shovel out the new neighbor's stuck vehicles while simultaneously meeting them for the first time!

The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of plowers... word has come down MNDOT and Showcase have pulled all plows from the road. Yes, even the plowers are getting stuck!

So hang tight everyone, we'll have a story to tell for many years to come after this weekend. So make sure to enjoy the rest of your weekend [Minnesota Style].

We'll leave that interpretation up to you. :)

March 6th, 2018

[Continued Plowing]

For a moment, you probably thought your neighbor finally decided to stay up all night preparing a foundation for that new set of palm trees they've been hinting at. After all, feelings of endless winters can twist the best of us. Never mind the sub-optimal conditions for palm trees here on the 45th parallel.

What you were hearing were the stirs of our new official neighborhood mascot. Emily The Bobcat Plower!

The plowing has been ongoing since 8:30pm last evening. It can take a diligent effort when Mother Nature decides to show boat her ability to "overturn" ones efforts via a healthy dose of wind and drifting.

Just think how amazingly proficient the plowing process will be by that upcoming June 1st blizzard!

February 23rd, 2018

[Replacement Plowers]

We all know how amazingly awesome and thoroughly cool our neighborhood is. Yet, when we're immersed in such magnificence on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget how intimidating it can be to a certain snow plow guy who decides to quit at 3am... part way through the job.

Yes, snow removal last night got truncated. However, the good news is a replacement snow removal artiste is on the way!

So make your moon landing footprints while you can, because evidence of such actions will be... "expunged."

January 23rd, 2018


So Plymouth received an 8 inch blanket of snow. Yet, Minneapolis collected areas over a foot! All while our friends in nearby Buffalo point and taunt with their paltry inch and a half. For some, that taunting ended quickly after realizing their morning commute directed them straight back east into our "ordeal." Overall, looks to be the most one shot snowfall in seven years!

Resulting from such a snow day, plowing has admittedly been taking longer than we like. There will be some snow pile maneuvering over the next 48 to 72 hours. Later today, we expect shoveling around mailboxes and fire hydrants. Today, the first priority will be roads and driveways. In addition, please remember to move cars from unplowed, to plowed spots so all areas can be cleared.

In the meantime, it's time to go out and build a snow fort! Your boss will understand.

January 15th, 2018

[Water Shut Off Building 13465]

Short Notice Alert:

We were informed this afternoon that The City of Plymouth needs to do a brief water shut off Tuesday, mid morning, about 9:00 am (Jan 16th 2018) affecting building 13465.

If the date or time for this procedure changes for some reason, we will post an update ASAP. We apologize for the short notice.

January 8th, 2018

[Mail Courier Inquiry]

It's a miracle! After venturing out to traverse a vast 20 yards of winter terrain. The mailbox had been reached. That's when the first inkling hit that something unusual was happening. However, after being conditioned to quickly retreat back to headquarters in an expeditious fashion, the unfolding miracle was not to be contemplated until safely back behind allied territory, more commonly known as "inside." Once the near trauma of such a pursuit had settled, that's when the full brunt of this miracle had really taken hold.

I could still feel my face!

Amazing what 30 extra degrees fahrenheit can do.

Speaking of mailboxes, we on the Board would like any feedback you may have regarding our current mail courier. More specifically, have there been any instances where you felt the postal service has NOT been represented well by our current mail courier? If so, we would like to know about it. However, please be as specific with details and dates as you can. Please email us at with this info. We've been getting reports of issues pertaining to this subject and would like to ultimately address them.

December 31st, 2017

[2018 Coupon Book]

How does one become an "insta-popsicle" you ask? Simple, just walk to your mailbox.

For those who were able to complete such a daunting quest, you have noticed a brand new present within. The 2018 coupon books have arrived! Being overwhelmed with such glee should be enough to thaw you back to room temperature.

For those who never made it back from that difficult "going to the mailbox" tour of duty, us remaining will hold a midnight New Year's toast to your valiant bravery. We shall never forget!

December 1st, 2017

[Notice Of 2018 Budget]

Good news everyone! As a new year approaches, we were able to keep our upcoming 2018 monthly dues from increasing. As Board members and fellow residents, we too want to keep our annual expenses under control. Balancing that with considerations for future years can be tricky, so it was nice to catch a small break for 2018.

Below is the text from a mailing you will receive from our property manager Brad Catton. Give it a good read as he elaborates further about 2018.

Dear Lake Camelot Homeowner:

The board of directors has completed the budget for the coming year and if approved a budget with no increases. Dues will stay the same at $200 per month for 2018. Enclosed is the approved budget for your review and files. Coupon books for next year will be sent to you directly from the printers later in December. If you head south for the winter, please provide us with your Southern mailing address as the post office will not forward the coupons. For those of you who Paid Dues in advance, we ask that you not send any 2018 payments until after the first of the year.

There were several items that affected the budget this year. Both our water utility charges and insurance premiums increased. With new water meters the city installed over the last year, we've had an increase in charges as the old meters or not registering out true usage. Thus, higher water bills. As we have battled every year, insurance premiums keep going up. This year our premiums increased 12% and we are seeing other current renewals around 6%. The only way to lower premiums is to increase the deductibles and the board is not willing to do that at this time. So the policy remains the same with a $25,000 per occurrence deductible with a 2% wind/hail deductible.

One good news for the upcoming year, due to some competitive bidding, we will be able to reduce garbage expenses. This pretty much saved the day for the budget although the replacement Reserve contribution was reduced a little to keep the dues the same. We will not be able to do that next year so do plan on increases in 2019.

We've again enclosed the Certificate of Insurance as well as an HO-6 recommendation sheet and wind/hail explanation sheet from our agent for you to keep in your files and share with your personal insurance agent. It is imperative that all homeowners purchase their own HO-6 insurance policy and that you talk to your personal HO-6 insurance agent and make sure you have enough real property (Coverage A) and loss assessment coverage to cover the $25,000 deductible and wind/hail deductible. Failure to have adequate coverage on your HO-6 policy could leave you underinsured and forced to pay for damage repairs out of your own pocket.

Reminders: Dog owners, pick up after your pet and make sure they are leashed at all times when outside. Damage to Lawns and shrubs that occur from pets over the winter time, or any other time, will be assessed back to the pet owner.

Several maintenance items that homeowners should be thinking about is changing your furnace filters and batteries in your smoke detectors. You may even want to change out your smoke detectors to a newer smoke and CO detector. If you are unfamiliar with current building codes, the codes require that all bedrooms are supposed to have smoke detectors. If you don't have detectors in the bedroom, for you and your family's protection, please have them installed.

Investors, it is up to you to make sure your tenants have the most recent copy so they are aware of the changes as well. The other item included is the registered copy of the Ninth Amendment to the governing documents limiting rentals in the complex. Both of these items need to be included with your current governing documents as they will need to be adhered to and passed on to future owners if they ever decide to sell.

Moving on to winter. Although we haven't had any major snow yet, it will eventually be here. This is a reminder to all homeowners and their guests to move their vehicles to allow the snow plows to plow all guest parking spots. If we have problems with home owners cars, we may access the homeowners for any extra plowing charges incurred to bring the plowers back to do areas that had parked cars during the initial plowing. So please move vehicles from the guest parking spots during plowing.

Last but not least, we wish all a Merry Christmas and a healthy holiday season for you and your family.


Please remember to actively move vehicles around from guest parking areas during plowing. In addition, please make sure your vehicle is not protruding out into the streets. This is to avoid the need for plowers to return beyond their normal obligation. Any problematic owners creating situations resulting in an additional plow may be assessed for the extra plowing costs.

Below are the plowing guideline specifics:

  • Snow above 1.5 inches will be plowed.

  • Snow above 4 inches activates an "Open Up" plowing by 6:00a.m. or 4:30p.m, depending on the snow's time of day.

A complete snow cleanup of streets, driveways and parking:

  • [1.5 to 8 inches]: 12 hours after snow stops.

  • [8 to 12 inches]: 18 hours after snow stops.

  • [12+ inches]: Best effort.

Aprons, sidewalks, mailboxes and fire hydrants:

  • Within 12 hours of snow end. May or may not be the same time streets and driveways are plowed.

If blizzard conditions exist, or MNDOT suspends road crews. Our contractor may suspend plowing until conditions improve. In addition, shoveling may be suspended during blizzard conditions or temperatures below [-10f].


Item our residents will be responsible for include:

  • Snow remaining after clean up due to parked cars in the driveway.

  • Snow removal from patio areas (if residents want patio shoveled.)

  • Ice accumulation on driveways, sidewalks and garbage aprons caused by melting/freezing snow.

November 1st, 2017

[Fall Landscape Clean Up]

After surviving Halloween night's offerings of soul chilling terror, some spent today recovering from those evening horrors filled with ghosts and goblins!

That's odd... it feels exactly like a hang-over...

...and just when you thought the horror was over, you see snow falling before the lawn crew has cleared those formerly chlorophyll enhanced sun catchers known as leaves...

Fret no more! The lawn crew will be out next week to clear leaves and drive stakes through the hearts of our driveway corners... for the innocent purpose of guiding snow plows of course. [insert wry grin]

Now let's just hope nobody on the lawn crew possesses the name Jason or Freddy.

October 12th, 2017

[2017 Certificate Of Insurance]

Beginning October 30th, our current Lake Camelot Villas blanket insurance policy will end and the new one will begin. We highly recommend viewing the information on our downloads page, as it will tie into how you will want to approach your HO6 homeowners insurance policy.

The new association insurance policy will be in effect from October 30th, 2017 to October 30th, 2018. Lake Camelot Villas remains prepared for those "just in case" rarities, such as tornadoes, massive hail, 120mph straight line winds, or me having two days off in a row.

October 1st, 2017

[2017 Annual Homeowners Association Meeting]

Even though our web site won't admit it, there have been growing suspicions it's had a facelift... or better known in the industry as "getting some work done." Better mobile device responsiveness and easier to read text are a dead give away. Check for yourselves. Hey, at least Jone Rivers would admit it!

For those who have checked your mailboxes, you will notice a neat little envelope from HomeFront Management. Inside is a letter about our upcoming annual homeowners meeting on Monday, October 9th. This meeting will be held at the Maple Grove Community Center, Banquet Room East, located at 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove.

In the mailing, it is noted that there are three Board of Directors terms up for a vote. If there are other homeowners interested in serving on the Board, please complete the enclosed application for nomination and return it to the listed Homefront Management address. Each term for a Board member is two years.

If you are considering participating, but have further questions, please feel free to contact us at We will be happy to answer your questions!

So take a good glance at the mailing, as it contains further details about our upcoming meeting. As fellow neighbors here at Lake Camelot Villas, we would love to see you all there as we continue work towards making our neighborhood a wonderful home.

September 1st, 2017

[Painters and Meeting]

Two quick notes on this fine beginning day of September. Number one, the upcoming Monday board meeting has been rescheduled one week out. It'll now be on Monday, September 18th at the Maple Grove Community Center. In addition, the Annual Homeowners Meeting is still scheduled for Monday, October 9th. All are welcome! Details on the Calendar page.

Second, the painters will be returning next week to finish up some miscellaneous touch ups and front door work. Some will find a note on their front door with further information.

So to all, have a wonderful extendo-weekend!... and kids... just think... you're mere days away from your first homework. Isn't that great!!! (insert Price Is Right losing sound)

August 14th, 2017:


Murphy's Law in action... The sprinkler system, which had timing settings mis-aligned, FINALLY gets calibrated properly!

.......then it immediately rains.

As many in our neighborhood had noticed, the sprinkler system was either turning on at odd times during the day, or not turning on at all. This issue should now be resolved. Although our sprinklers can never replace Mother Nature's rain, they should now be back to their best known roll as our, "Supplemental Precipitating Liquiform Dispensers."

Lastly, as always, please contact us if you see problems with your sprinklers. Your eyes and ears are the best crowd sourcing we have!

July 11th, 2017:


We all have, or are about to see, those little taped notes by our garage doors. Thankfully, it's not a note from your first grade teacher to bring home to your parents. After all, it wasn't you who put the shrew you caught at recess into Suzie's pocket... was like... umm.... other kids or something.

You will see a little blurb about painting to be done on your front door trim, garage trim and patio railing. However, the painting can't be done on the white composite board on the top of the railing and along the privacy walls. The good news is, if you feel the top of your railing is losing luster, it can be easily cleaned with a soft scrubby and Clorox type cleaner. Just add water.... unless of course, you want to clean it while raining.

So enjoy the lawn mowers, weed whackers, and the planets loudest, most persistent, cardinal in that tree near your window at 5:17am. Also, enjoy the summer visuals of sprinklers, plants and flowers. But most of all, enjoy your newest re-creation of the Sistine Chapel. The all white paint version.

June 26th, 2017:

[Shrub Replacement]

Just think, one week away from that special time of summer. The week of "The 4th." That special time where we don't have to dig deep into our creative imaginations, searching for a legitimate sounding reason to play hooky from work. So put on the back burner for August the, "Um.... yeah... so my mother-in-law's friend's daughter's poodle needs a dog sitter for the week. Yeah...? So what if it's at a cabin which happens to have a stocked bar and pontoon!?... sheesh"

As far as this week goes, you'll notice the disappearance of some old shrubs, and their respective replacements. No worries though, the old shrubs will enter the witness protection program. They will be safe, but we'll never see them again.

Lastly, enjoy the upcoming 4th of July week! Hopefully, it's a fun and relaxing time for all!

June 12th, 2017:

[Lake Camelot Villas 2017 Spring / Summer Newsletter]

As the storm hit, many of us were suddenly awakened from our Sunday morning dream about wearing a moo moo while playing accordion on our patio. Yes, as frustrating as it was to not complete that dream, we now know one thing for sure. Crazy summer is here! There will be some neat things being worked on throughout this season (like landscaping the front sign.... wink... wink.) So, to kick things off, you will be receiving the Lake Camelot Villas Spring / Summer 2017 Newsletter very soon. Below is the text of the newsletter. So take a read and be on the lookout for further updates!


Spring and Summer are coming

we have had a little taste of that glorious weather already and I think all Minnesotans look forward to the longer days, sunshine and time on the patio with a cold beverage.

I hope you have all saved our website into your ‘Favorites’ folder by now… This is a key communication tool for the Board to let you know what is going on in the Association in regards to parking, lawn care, seasonal projects, news alerts, etc. The Contact page is also where you can send an email to the Board with questions or concerns. If you are selling your unit, you can direct your Realtor here for the Rules and Regulations and Governing Documents. The 2 bulletin boards that are on the ground will be going away in mid-July, so the website is the best place to go for information.

The email is:

The Annual Spring Walk-thru has been completed…and it should be a quiet summer in regards to projects. Here is what we identified for this year…

General Reminders:

Not to sound like a broken record, but I guess it bears repeating…again…



Also included in this newsletter are some updates to the Association’s Rules and Regulations from the Board of Directors. Please insert these pages into your Rules and Regulations booklet. They will also be updated on the website for your reference as well.

June 8th, 2017:

[Lilac Trimming]

Good news! That noise you heard was NOT a Cessna Jumbo Twin Turboprop Aircraft taking off from your patio today. It was the landscaping crew blowing trimmings from shrub shaping and pruning. After all, we know the patios can only service helicopters... Duh!

So the summer projects have begun! One of the first projects involves an aggressive rejuvenating pruning of all lilacs around the corner homes. Heads up, after they are pruned, you may find yourself saying, "That was drastic," but no worries, that is intentional to get them back into a manageable state. They will leaf out and continue to grow. So, the only time you'll really need to say, "That was drastic?" is after your next trip to the hair stylist.

Lastly, our Lake Camelot Spring/Summer Newsletter will soon be posted and mailed. So remember, check under those Arby's coupons in your mailbox. Oh, and lest we forget... Let's enjoy summer!

April 22nd, 2017:

[Plymouth Crime & Fire Prevention Waffle Breakfast]

As we set about on this beautiful spring day, the below information passed to Lake Camelot Villas is worth broadcasting to our entire neighborhood. So give it a read, then enjoy your day!


Firefighters and the Plymouth Crime & Fire Prevention Fund will host their 7th annual waffle breakfast fundraiser 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, May 7 at Fire Station III, 3300 Dunkirk Lane N. The breakfast features all-you-can-eat waffles served with sausage, juice, coffee and tea. A gluten-free option is available.

Tickets are $7 in advance, $8 on the day of the event, and $4 for children 10 & under. Advance tickets may be purchased by emailing or calling 612-516-3143. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

Proceeds from the event support the Plymouth Crime & Fire Prevention Fund – a nonprofit, volunteer organization made up of Plymouth residents and business owners. The Fund, established in 1977, raises money to support special initiatives that enhance safety in the community. Past purchases of the Fund include Plymouth Police K9 units, SWAT equipment, public safety vehicles, Night to Unite, DARE, scholarship programming and Fire Department training site and rescue gear.

Sara Lynn Cwayna | Plymouth Police and Fire Department
City of Plymouth
3400 Plymouth Boulevard
Plymouth, MN 55447
Phone: 763.509.5198 - Fax: 763.509.5142
Plymouth, Minnesota | Adding Quality to Life

April 11th, 2017:

[Spring Walkthough]

It is true. The above date is correct. It is still mid April and NOT December 2017! Do not let the snow caked roof tops and powdered sugar ground fool you. You did not accidentally sleep through your alarm for eight months. It may be hard for the two mallard ducks wondering up, down and across Wedgewood Lane this morning to understand this, but I'm sure they're too busy in deep thought about quantum theory and thermodynamic symmetry to care.

Being that it's still spring. The Lake Camelot Villas annual spring walkthrough is soon upon us. Soon, members of the board, along with HomeFront Management, will scan for current and future items of possible upkeep and/or maintenance. In addition, new front entrance landscaping plans will be examined. Our goal is to stay ahead of time's amazingly consistent attempt to "de-cool" our neighborhood. Don't worry though, Lake Camelot Villas always wins in the end.

March 17th, 2017:

[Vicksburg Lane]

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Here's hoping your "Top O' The Morning" has been full of cheer!

In the spirit of fun, below is a short video of the old Vicksburg Lane with the New Vicksburg Lane, shot one year apart. Your humble author (and drummer of the video) got the crazy idea to make this video upon spotting an orange, all too familiar, "This Road Will Be Closed" sign in the spring of 2016.

At one time or another, on the old Vicksburg Lane, most in our neighborhood experienced that Dukes Of Hazzard jump, masquerading as a train track crossing. Now with the new bridge, one can only reminisce about the days of gaining altitude upon crossing those tracks at any speed over 20mph.


March 13th, 2017:

[Governing Documents]

Excellent news! The days of fervent anticipation and nights filled with sleepless rumination have come to an end. Our Lake Camelot Villas Governing Documents are now posted! Simply visit the Governing Documents page to indulge in the viewing pleasure.

February 14th, 2017:


Happy Valentines day! Surely, seeing a Valentines Day posting with the sub headline "safety" comes as no surprise to us fellas. Suffice it to say, one needs to pay special heed to the importance of this day.

Imagine the following scenario. You've done everything right. You've planned ahead for this day with diligent research to find the perfect Valentines Day gift. You've been told something along the lines of, "Oh that's okay honey... I don't need anything special for Valentines day", which is really female code for, "You're darn right you're going to get me something... and it better be special... or it's an evening with an ice cube!"

Armed with this knowledge, and tapping into wisdom acquired from past experience, you've lined everything up perfectly! Just one simple final step remains, the grabbing of your wallet from your vehicle in the driveway. Yes, implement this one, simple, financial transaction and your brilliant master plan will FINALLY be set in motion!

To your horror, you find the car door cracked open and the glove box pillaged. Your wallet has been stolen!

Right then and there, you learn two valuable lessons if your vehicle remains outside overnight:

1.) Don't leave valuables in your vehicles.
2.) Lock your car doors!

The remainder of the day is then filled with fantasies about catching the perpetrators red handed, followed by thoughts about your upcoming "uneventful" evening.

The final lesson: please remember to lock vehicle doors that remain outdoors overnight. In addition, minimize valuables within said vehicles. Additionally, remember to close your garage doors overnight

Thankfully, Lake Camelot Villas remains a wonderful neighborhood with people looking out for each other. But, it never hurts to remain smart about protecting our personal property for those "just in case" moments.

December 31st, 2016:

[Pay Coupons]

As we prepare to enjoy our New Years Eve parties full of milk, cookies and library books, we can now also celebrate the arrival of our association payment coupons! Careful, the excitement of such a fantastic development could cause a sudden myocardial infarction. Let's all stay healthy for 2017!

As is common practice, our coveted association coupons tend to arrive just when we think, "hey.... no coupons... no association dues... correct?" Have no fear, that is now a conundrum avoided! The good news is there is the standard grace time to send in our January dues. As long as they arrive by the 15th, no one named Louie "Baseball Bats" Gambino will come looking for you.

Happy New Year!

December 8th, 2016:


We have arrived! Welcome to that special season! The season where each day is filled with an over-abundance of daylight. All 14 seconds of it. Sometimes it can be just too overwhelming to handle. Good thing most Decembers are cloudy.

This also marks the season where we tend to receive a visit from our old familiar friend [Day, Snow]. As we prepare for the arrival of [Day, Snow], some helpful reminders are in order involving some all time favorite subjects... Plowing and Parking! Below outlines these reminders.

Please remember to actively move vehicles around from guest parking areas during plowing. In addition, please make sure your vehicle is not protruding out into the streets. This is to avoid the need for plowers to return beyond their normal obligation. Any problematic owners creating situations resulting in an additional plow may be assessed for the extra plowing costs.

Below are the plowing guideline specifics:

A complete snow cleanup of streets, driveways and parking:

Aprons, sidewalks, mailboxes and fire hydrants:

Lastly, if blizzard conditions exist, or MNDOT suspends road crews. Our contractor may suspend plowing until conditions improve. In addition, shoveling may be suspended during blizzard conditions or temperatures below [-10f].

December 6th, 2016:

[2017 Budget / Rules and Regs Hard Copy]

The notice of the 2017 Lake Camelot Villas budget has arrived. In addition, the latest hard copy version of the Rules & Regulations has also arrived. Thus, time for a visit to the mailbox!

More will be web posted on this new information. In the meantime, make sure to give these mailings a good looking over.

Lastly, store them in that 2nd favorite filing location, not the 1st favorite, better known as, "The Trash."

October 22nd, 2016:

[Mailboxes in Winter]

You know it. We know it. There is no denying it. Winter will arrive soon, bringing those occasional cryogenic "light breezes of substantial briskness." The time hath arrived for a timely note about our mailboxes.

In the past, homeowners have experienced difficulties with mailbox key functionality, in addition to mailbox locks freezing during the winter. A quick fix would be to spray WD-40 lubricant, or lock de-icer into the lock. This usually loosens the lock.

If homeowners are having any problems with their mail box locks or keys, they need to contact the US Postal Service to have locks changed or keys replaced as the postal service owns the boxes. The new 1-800 number for postal questions and service is:


October 7th, 2016:

[2016 Annual Homeowners Meeting]

Just a quick reminder! This upcoming Monday night, October 10th, is our Lake Camelot Villas Annual Homeowners Meeting.

The meeting starts at 7pm and will be held at the Maple Grove Community Center room 133

All Lake Camelot Villas Homeowners are encouraged to attend!

September 14th, 2016:

[Landscaping / Driving Speeds]

Just a few, mid-September tidbits, as we wait for that initial leaf to embark on its trek to the planetary surface below. A trek that will, no doubt, lead many others to follow.

Landscaping is still on track to be completed this fall. However, the Lake Camelot Villas entrance area remains a spring 2017 project. Plans on that area are still being finalized.

Driving speeds inside the complex have been brought to our attention throughout the year. Ideas have been discussed on what to do about this issue, however, the easiest solution would be for all of us to be cognizant of people and kids when traversing our inner roads.

These, and other subjects, will be discussed at our Annual Homeowners meeting on October 10th. We hope to see you there!

August 1st, 2016:


Recently, various window vendors have visited our neighborhood to solicit new window business. To help clarify, Lake Camelot Villas has guidelines for new windows. Please review said guidelines to make sure your window project is a success!

If you are looking for brand new windows to replace what is currently in place, any new windows MUST BE the "Marvin Integrity All Ultrex" brand. They can be installed by any contractor of your choice or by a suggested vendor from the Association vendor list. They need to be installed as "New Construction" vs "Replacement Windows". Your contractor will know what the difference is between the two terms.

Any GLASS ONLY replacement can be done by a vendor of choice, so long as the internal window grid pattern matches the standardized grid pattern throughout the entire Lake Camelot Villas complex.

Visit our contacts page for a list of references and phone numbers to get you started! Look under "Window, glass, screen replacement.

June 30th, 2016:


As we enter into summer, we are treated to those familiar sounds we all have come to know. Birds chirping, wind caressing the trees, squirrels conversing as they prepare for a territorial chase, that cardinal who anchors in the same tree every day and commands every ones attention, or that one fly buzzing in our garage that just won't go away. Everyone knows, summer is here!

As an added bonus, this year we've been blessed with the additional soothing sounds of tree trimmers, large brush hauling trucks, stump grinders, CR47 bridge pile drivers and sprinklers that seem like they've ingested a triple shot of espresso. Yes, It certainly has been an eventful beginning to summer for all of us at Lake Camelot Villas!

As a result of these extra auditory pleasures, the tree and shrub removal on the south berm and front neighborhood entrance has been completed! New landscaping is currently under review for those areas and installation is set for late summer to early fall.

Sprinklers have been running at a higher frequency due to recently replaced sod areas. Soon the sprinklers will revert back to a typical frequency of operation. In addition, on June 29th, Natural Green was on site for sprinkler repairs and adjustments. However, there is an additional list of fixes and adjustments that will need attention. If you have a sprinkler head that is missing or malfunctioning, please let us know at Please remember to add your building and unit number!

Lastly, If there is anything specific you would like to see added to this site, please feel free to send feedback! Also, if you haven't yet, go ahead and subscribe to our emailing list.

Enjoy the upcoming Holiday weekend!

May 16th, 2016:

[Rental Amendment]

We are pleased to announce that we did receive the required 67% approval signatures from owners to pass the Ninth Amendment, which put a cap on the number of rental units to be added to our Governing Documents for Lake Camelot Villas.

The Ninth Amendment to Declaration limits the number of rentals allowed in the complex to 25% (39 units) as well as prohibits the sale of units to investors or non occupied ownership until such time as the lower rental percentage is reached.

The Board of Directors has signed and notarized the required documents and have sent it to the Association's attorney. The final step in the approval is to receive approval of the first mortgage holders to units of the complex and then the Amendment will be recorded in with the Hennepin County Recorders' office.

If you are planning to list your property for sale, it is advised that you disclose this information so that any new buyers are aware that they will not be able to use their property as a rental, but will need to be owner occupied.

Once we get back the recorded Amendment, we will send all owners a copy so that you can keep this document with all the rest of your governing documents of the Association.

May 1st, 2016:


Welcome to the new! Bookmark this site now and check back often for the latest updates! Click on the eMail & Newsletters button and subscribe to our email update list. Be among the first to receive the newest information posted. In addition, we will use pictures and video on this site as an added informational resource. We hope to make a great neighborhood resource for you!

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